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The Brothers Steve #1 CD / OUT NOW

Years ago, in the magical world of Southern California, five young men formed a band called The Brothers Steve. They wrote some songs, played some parties, and promptly broke up, leaving their wonderful original songs unheard by all but a handful of lucky party-goers.

Luckily for us, the legend of The Brothers Steve was not over. The band reformed, triumphantly returning to the stage at this year’s International Pop Overthrow Festival in Los Angeles.

They’ve also recorded their classic songs on a fantastic new album (#1), containing 9 hot rockin’ tracks and one acoustic jam, any of which would sound right at home blasting from the radio of a ’66 Cadillac Coup DeVille.

The band has crafted a heady mix of British Invasion, indie rock, bubblegum, and power pop, which singer Jeff Whalen described thusly: “The Brothers Steve to me is like a ‘60s meets ‘90s kind of record. I don’t think the ‘60s thing here was super-intentional. It’s more like when Os and I get together to sing and write, we very often end up in this early-Bee Gees/Association/Nilsson territory.”

The band is Jeff Whalen (vocals, guitar), Os Tyler (vocals), Dylan Champion (vocals, guitar), Jeff Solomon (bass) and Coulter (drums).

Now that these long-lost songs have been revived, how do The Brothers Steve hope to be remembered?

Os: Fondly.

Jeff: With people’s brains.

The album is produced by Luke Tierney. #1 is available on CD, with digital download available from the usual suspects. It is available on limited edition blue marble swirl vinyl directly from The Brothers Steve Website.

Dig what these cool cats are saying:

“Let’s get the superlatives out of the way right off the bat: holy lord, is this ever a fab record. Grade: A” - Goldmine

“…the best thing that I've heard this year… #1 is the shot in the arm that Guitar Pop needed so badly.” – I Don’t Hear A Single

“The Brothers Steve debut album #1 is a concentrated dose of poprock goodness. This baby is all killer, no filler, beginning to end.” - Poprock Record

“The Brothers Steve have channelled the spirits of The Banana Splits and The Monkees for this airy fun slice of California pie album.” - Full Blast Music

“3 members of Tsar play in The Brothers Steve, but the music of the band is more influenced by Teenage Fanclub, Guided By Voices or The Kinks. The 60s powerpop influences perfectly mix with 90s alternative Brit pop…’ – Veglam


Angeline / We Got The Hits / She / Carolanne / C’mon Pappy / Songwriter / Carry Me / Good Deal Of Love / Beat Generation Poet Turned Assassin / Sunlight

wire train in a chamber.jpg

Wire Train / …in a chamber EXPANDED EDITION CD $12 + S&H

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Jeff Whalen / 3 CD Set, formerly a Pledgemusic exclusive $35 + S&H

10 More Rock Super Hits is obviously a classic, so why wait ten years to do the obligatory 3 disc deluxe edition? You get three (count ‘em!) CDs - the 1o More Rock Super Hits, 6 More Rock Super Demos (featuring an unreleased song, and a different mix of Alien Lanes, featuring Tsar’s Dan Kern) and How She Boogalooed It, Jeff’s herewith unknown solo album from BEFORE TSAR (!!) produced by Dan Kern!

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JEFF WHALEN / 10 More Rock Super Hits CD $10 + S&H

Tsar First Album Lyric Book_done 2-1.jpg

Tsar / Jeff Whalen Lyric Book, formerly a Pledgemusic exclusive. This is a full color flip book containing all of Jeff’s Tsar lyrics. Songs from the first two albums are scanned from Jeff’s original notebooks! $20 + S&H


Human Sexual Response / Fig. 15 CD $10

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Human Sexual Response / In A Roman Mood + 2 CD $10

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Human Sexual Response / BOTH CDs Save S&H

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Jeff Whalen / 10 More Rock Super Hits VINYL + LYRIC SHEET (not found in CD version!) $18 + S&H

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Human Sexual Response / Unba Unba Live 1982 DVD $14 + S&H

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